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Exploring Pathways of Appreciation

To foster an awareness and appreciation of music by listening and coming to appreciate how the diverse application of shared elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, texture and form gives rise to such diverse expressive pathways showcasing an inner beauty of the human spirit.

Here are links to music performances showing diverse styles and performances as voiced around the world; each expressing a component part of a global diverse counterpoint of cultural contrast. Enjoy yourself and do check on the links.

Without support from authoritive references this site would not be possible.

In Counterpoint of Cultural Contrast

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Music can be a vehicle for voicing social statements and opinion. It can also be a source for fun and light entertainment. "Rap" is a form that has traditionally been used to express ghetto frustration and injustice. Much of it can seem distasteful to a white anglosaxon Christian audience. Yet Rap itself is only a tool. As a music form it can express whatever message the song writer wishes it to say.

The following is a fun filled song about wishing for, pricing, selecting and buying a video gaming system. I was laughing all the way through.

Buy Mii a Wii (T-Pain Parody) - OFFICIAL Black Nerd Music Video  BlackNerdComedy October 23, 2007 NOTE: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL POST!
Song spoof of T-Pain's "Buy U a Drank" about the greatest video game system... the Nintendo Wii! BTW, that's my roommate that walks in.


Just for fun...

eBay Song - Weird Al Yankovic




Note: This site on "Global Music Appreciation" is a work in progress. Thie main purpose of being online at this point of development is to allow collaborators and friends to view the progress, make suggestions and provide comments.

You may find "scratch notes" concerning future implementaion of goals. Pages will still be partially complete or even blank.

Yet, there is still an ever-evolving growing selection of music from around the world linked too in this site. You are welcome to look, play and experience music as performed from around the world.